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The Unit Industrialized Construction Group

Since 1991, The Unit Industrialized Construction Group provides solutions of the highest level to the private and business markets that need the services of industrialized construction, while maintaining uncompromising quality and reliability, an extremely high cost / benefit ratio, combining the best innovations and technologies in the field of construction.

The Unit industrial building will do anything to provide you with the ideal lightweight construction to suit your requirements, will provide final product at high finishing levels or customized product as well as close monitoring of experts from initial design stages to receiving a key.
The Services provided by the The Unit Industrialized Construction Group are adapted to the private and public alike – It designs, manufactures, builds and moves the buildings – all professional services under one roof , and in compliance with standards including ” Fire Standard 931 ” issued by the Israeli Standards Institute.

Indeed The Unit Industrialized Construction is considered an lightweight construction empire by Israeli standards, however, as a family business it keeps high standards without compromise – reliable service, maximum availability and personal attention to each client. Industrialized building is a business for professionals!
We believe that our guarantee is a key to creating trust between us and our customers, so we emphasize delivering quality buildings and the provision of professional services available to our clients, with immediate response to any demand. The purpose of our family business is adding you to our group, to an array of steady satisfied customers.

“The Unit Industrialized Construction” group is divided to three subsidiary companies:

  • Construction Unit – lightweight construction: factory covering over 25,000 square meters, comprised of three main departments –
    • Light Industrialized Construction by customization for the private sector, business and public sectors – including lightweight construction of portable buildings of all types : residential and private homes, offices and public buildings.
    • Containers: Containers converted for any desired goal – residential, office, storage, cashier posts, toilets, showers – for rent or sale.
    • Trade and renovation of buildings, mobile homes for rent or sale and second hand containers.
  • Rental Unit: Our company offers rentals of mobile prefabricated homes of different sizes, including offices, residential and containers short and long term rent for any purpose. The Unit provides rental solutions for events – such as toilets, showers, cashier posts and more.
  • Transportation Unit: Our company provides its customers with a wide range of logistic solutions for transporting prefabricated buildings,lightweight construction, containers and other projects throughout the country. The Unit complements the activities of two other units in the group by transporting the structure we have built to its destination as well as providing transportation services to various clients. The Unit also posts the structure on the target site including all necessary reinforcements.

The Unit industrialized construction is the trade name of a Unit Holdings Ltd. Please contact us today, via e – mail or phone, for a consultation, so our professional staff can offer you a suitable solution for your needs.




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